Jim Corbett National Park opens for the tourists from 15th November till 15th June every year. The best season and time to visit the Park throughout its operational months when the weather is cold birds and tigers can be best viewed during the day time and when weather is hot they can be located near to the water holes. Jungle safari on jeep or elephant or canter to experience the marvels nature has to offer, to enjoy the sounds of wild animals and catch glimpses of monkeys, leopards, tigers, bears, deer, and reptiles is best recommended during December to June

Winter: Temperature reaches to minimum 4̊C in morning and evening while the days are pleasant and sunny. In the upper ranges where leopards can be spotted, the weather is colder and the nights are also colder. Winter season is the best time to enjoy sightseeing in Jim Corbett National Park – birds chirping and singing, animals enjoying the day sun and the chilling cold of winter nights. All five gates of Jim Corbett Park open from 15th November as the winter gears up.

Summer: Summer months March to mid June, the weather becomes gradually hot reaching to maximum 42̊C temperature. Till 15th June, all the gates of Jim Corbett National Park are open and it is a good time to catch glimpses of the animals. Early summer is the best time for park visit as it is not too hot during the day, cool during the nights and animals can also be abundantly seen in the jungle. In the late summer, heat and thunderstorm rises and tourists may find difficult to tolerate extreme heat.

Monsoon : Only Jhirna zone of Jim Corbett National Park remains open during the monsoon season. Tourists who want to avoid the crowd and enjoy the greenery offered by monsoon in Jim Corbett can plan the tour. Tour during monsoon is a cautious trekking in Jim Corbett. Rainfall will be a part of the trek and the tourists or trekkers must be aware to step cautiously. Corbett Park is 1400 to 2800 mm. Temperature is cool and pleasing during monsoon month’s mid-June to mid-September.

Spring: Jhirna zone which remains open all round the year is the only zone open during spring season to allow the tourists enjoy the serene beauty of nature and experience the abundant joy during mid-September till mid-November. Temperature quiet rises during the day time but the enchanting nature overlaps the heat.

Monsoon Season – Blessing For Nature Lovers

The rainy season brings back the pleasant weather of Jim Corbett that becomes hotter during summers. Though some parts of Jim Corbett is closed during monsoon time, there are yet few areas which are beautiful with flora and fauna and is worth exploring. The nature lovers will love to visit this place during the monsoon season, with the free flowing rivers that becomes more active due to rain, the larger variety of flora could be seen with the onset of rainy season and the National Park becomes very colourful and astounding. If you think that you have seen the greenery elsewhere, then the tour to Jim Corbett National Park during monsoon will make you re-think. The place becomes enchanting with greenery and vegetation all around and you could hear either your own voice or the sounds of birds and rivers surrounding the entire area. The drizzle of water, the pleasant weather, flora and fauna and the astounding greenery –it would be a dream vacation for the nature lovers. A place that could be beyond doubt said as bliss for the nature lovers.

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