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Jim Corbett Park in assocation with Wild Jungle Lodge brings you closer to the magic of nature. With us, you explore the beauty of wild, enigma of purity and enjoy the subtle touch of real natural experience. While we make your stay memorable, we also offer a holistic experience including wildlife safaris, nature walks at Jim Corbett National Park and a perfect rendezvous with the Himalayan region.

Wild Jungle Lodge Nature Safari - The forests are full of riches. Living close to the land, and depending on it for sustenance, the Kumaoni villagers know how to tap the precious resources of this vanishing world.

The Nature Walk, which is on the agenda of all guests of Jim Corbett Park, is a guided tour by naturalists, who unveil for you the wonders of the earth. You walk along the banks of the river Kosi, and along simple paths, and the healing herbs are there, all over!

Few Examples:

Moringa Oliefera or Sanjana. This tree is a real friend! The drumsticks are eaten as vegetables. Bacteria in its roots purify the water table. The extract helps in treating snake bites. Its leaves are boiled for hot therapies in injuries.

Acacia catechu or katha is used in 'paan'. A little known fact is that it is good for halitosis or infection in the tongue and it is also anti-diarrhoeal.

Mallotus Phllippensis or Rohini is a leafy herb found in the forest which is a delicacy in the diets of elephants! The leaves have a cooling quality and temper down male tuskers when they are in a mast condition. It is also useful as a hookworm remedy. The red powder is used as 'sindhoor' by women.

Embelica Officinalis or Amla is a tart fruit which is the richest source of vitamin C available in natural form. It has many medicinal uses, particularly for the stomach. The oil is good for hair.

Acgle Marmelos or Bel is a hard shelled fruit which grows quite wild. Its beneficial properties for the digestive system have long been known. It is consumed in the form of jams, jellies and syrups for cooling the system. The leaves have religious value and are offered to Lord Shiva.

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