Tigers are considered endangered and sacred in India. At Wild Jungle Lodge one of best wilderness budget accommodation in Corbett Park. We consider nature- the forests just as sacred. And as Indians, we believe that our guests are Godís representatives too-ĎAtithi Devo Bavah'.

Experience this sacredness and wilderness of the nature and forest in Corbett Park with us at Wild Jungle Lodge. Wild Jungle Lodge an oasis of serenity in the wilderbness and beautiful forest. It is the perfect accommodation in Corbett Park to explore the magic of the Forest area and viewing Corbett tigers.

Named after famous hunter, writer, conservationist, which are also known as Jim Corbett, we started out this as a wilderness stay option in this area and trying to maintain the serenity and wilderness of the place without disturbing it much in the race of modernity, wherein most of the hotels and resorts have crossed that barrier and intern harming the environment more than the contributing for its conservation.

We are a work in progress, determined not only to reatin the forest and the greenery but to make it a sanctuary for the rare and fast disappearing indigenous trees and plants of the jungles, one of the last remaining homes of tigers in the wild.

The corbett tiger resort and wild jungle lodges in Corbett National Park offer 4WD safaris, corbett tiger elephant back tours etc. but we go a step further to enhance your natural history experience with trained guides. Our aim is to educate our guests about the ecology and conservation of Tiger and the habitat thereof.

For online Reservation of Jim Corbett Park Tour Packages or to reserve your Jeep and Elephant Safaris to Jim Corbett Park and Uttarakhand, email at jimcorbettpark@gmail.com

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