Reptiles of Corbett National Park

There are quite a number of reptiles also in Corbett National Park. Some of the common reptiles you will spot here are Gharials (fish eating crocodiles), Muggers (another species of crocodiles), Monitor Lizards, Turtles, Cobras, Pythons, Sal forest Tortoise, Russell's viper and kraits.

List of Reptiles Seen in India (5th December 2003 - 4th January 2004

Winter is not the best time to notch up an impressive list of reptiles in the two countries, but nevertheless two of the most impressive species of snake were noted, along with both species of crocodile.

Garial Crocodile: This long-snouted fish-eater was seen at Dhikala in Corbett National Park, where several were seen sunning on the opposite side of the lake to the camp.

Mugger Crocodile: Small numbers were seen ins at Corbett corocodile pool.

Crocodile Conservation Project Gharial was reintroduced in Ramganga: The Crocodile Conservation Project was launched in 1976. The main aim of the project was to save India’s three endangered crocodilian species, namely the freshwater crocodile, the saltwater crocodile and the gharial. This involved intervention measures like:

Captive breeding of species

Collection of eggs from natural habitat, subsequent hatching and rearing of crocodiles/gharials in captivity to reduce mortality due to natural predators and finally released into the wild. The Gharial Rehabilitation Project formed a subunit of the umbrella Crocodile Conservation Project. This focussed on gharial, which had come very close to extinction in 1974. As part of the Gharial Rehabilitation Project, more than 250 gharials were released in the Ramganga river in Corbett National Park between 1982 and 1994.

Indian Python: Four very large Indian Pythons, each measuring about two and a half in length, were seen at corbett park - two at Python Point and two near the second checkpoint. 

King Cobra: A two-metre King Cobra was found sunning itself in the forest near Corbett Park.

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